YourFlag is Australian owned and 2nd generation family run business, offering a variety of premium quality flags from all countries. Loads of novelty flags for that special event or celebration and advertising flags for your business.

Our trusted client base includes schools and large organisations promoting their projects and businesses.

Australian Flags

YourFlag prides itself on the quality of each product.
Australian flags come in 4 main types.

Colourfast Treated Polyester

Made from colourfast Treated Polyester and combines excellent durability.

Knitted Polyester

Made of 130 – 150 denier Knitted Polyester fabric and screen printed in, strong bright colours.

Woven Polyester

Made of 160 denier Woven Polyester fabric also known as spun. Super-screen printed in strong, bright colours.

Fully Sewn Appliqued

Expertly hand sewn (appliqued) using heavy-weight woven bunting material. Durable ‘cotton feel’ fabric.

Country Flags

Country flags of the world come in a wide range of sizes and fabrics allowing individuals to proudly display their connection to different nations. Available in sizes ranging from 60 x 90cm to 150 x 90cm, 180 x 90cm and XL flags accommodating various preferences and display needs.

Made from different fabrics, including durable polyester, ensuring longevity and resistance to fading. Flags showcase vibrant colours and intricate designs that accurately represent the national identity of each country.

Hand Waver Flags

At YourFlag, we proudly present our collection of Hand Waver Flags. Crafted from high-quality polyester fabric, these flags boast vibrant colours and accurate designs. Each elegantly displayed on a wooden stick. These hand wavers are available in both small and large sizes. Representing all countries of the world. Allowing you to proudly display your international pride.

Table Flags

Displays can be a great way to show patriotism or to identify one’s nationality at events. A great option for smaller spaces. These small flags are attached to sticks and bases are sold separately.

Desk flags come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs, or specific colours. Some table flags feature special designs for events and holidays. While others represent different countries or regions.

String Bunting Flags

String Bunting Flags are available in two size lengths, 3m and 9m representing all countries of the world, offering a captivating display of cultural diversity and international unity.

Crafted from high-quality polyester fabric that is durable and resistant to fading, ensuring long-lasting beauty. Vivid colours and precise designs faithfully represent each country’s flag creating an enchanting visual spectacle that is ideal for international events, multicultural festivals, or educational environments.